Alchemy Dreams

i. Silver

How shall I begin my dream?
So strange. I could have fallen
from a cloud. Long, grey cloud.
I feel so strange…
cloud, shroud of sadness
wound through heaven.
Falling from my cloud
careening on ice
slipping sliding
over crystals.
Dropping through
deep night.
I fell alone
jackknifed on
silver ice.

ii. Mercury

Vessels of thought
as quick as mercury
spilling over.
We lie chained to sleep
prisoners of darkness.
Struggling against
edge of night listening
for animals pounding
closer closer.
Their scent surrounding us.
Galloping high
racing dark horses

iii. Lead

Why why why
did they steal my sky?
Forlorn for so long.
Now all my stars are gone,
Falling through heaven
full of ashes.
My life is gone.
I am another graffiti mark
another dark stain.
My sky was torn down.
Why why why was I so silent
when my dreams were tossed away?
Like smoldering lead my eyes
burst open. Hot hot my heart
fell in hate fell to hell
burning through this leaden night.

iv. Copper

Who are we
without compass
without map
delivered before darkness?
We splay our hands out
tracing coils of copper
while lines of time merge
into mazes of memory.
Remembering shadows
we search our thoughts.
Over mountains of mist
looking for morning
drinking milk from the moon.

v. Gold

I am searching for a
perfect color sound shape
to hold close to me.
I want something luminous
something cool.
This splash of sky
perfectly formed
drop of rain
drop of gold.
I will wear
in the hollow
around my neck…
This eye of an angel.