Burning Flood

Flames leap from an oil rig
in the gulf coast. Another
eleven workers dead.
Scattered reports filled with
those lies called statistics.

But this time something is different.
We are being strangled.

An ugly snake comes closer closer
spewing slimy debris. Trapping us
in coils of filth. Day after day creeping
closer closer showing its greasy face.

Was it only yesterday when
we felt breezes brushing our hair?
When we tasted the sweet saltiness
of our beautiful sea? Our eyes
resting on green, blue waters,

What happened to our world?
Blur of seascape, haze of time.
Where are we? Where can we go?
Our hearts are caged in fear.
We can not hide. The sun…an
eye without pity glares down on us.

Today we found fragile
dragonflies pinned to oily reeds.
Dragonflies never to take flight.

Pray tomorrow will have promise.
Pray morning light turns from grey to gold.
Blessed be blue
blessed be our blue sky
blessed be our blue ocean.