Hudson River Memories

I Beginnings

Blue rivers curl over
green grass.
Soft rain and shy winds
combing my hair.

Where was I before
time was born?
My mind tumbles
through memories.

Thick fog smudges
Horns of ships and
rumble from trains
emptying into evening.

When shadows fall,
I explore silvery slips of sleep.
Hudson River glowing
in empty fields.
Dreams of river beds.

II Shadow Boxing

All day long heat
circles Hudson River.
Finally the sun sinks
to its watery chamber.

I want that fiery ring
the sun.
That is what I must have.

Pulled by currents
I buffet waves...
kicking up oozing mud.

Each day after day
treading water.
trains of thought
within tracks of time.
Falling through golden circles
among black velvet moans.