I Want To Move

Get out of this dumpy town
filled with sour face losers.
Get back down to Brooklyn,
rejoin the human race.

Or maybe Vermont? Legal grass,
same sex marriage, laid back, hip.
Cool state always ready
to secede from the union.

But I start to wonder.
Why not go BIG? Slip into
some parallel space.
A lustrous world, without pain,
just folks grooved and ready to roll.

Some place not requiring
bags of money to buy food.
No need to beg doctors for help while
overpaying them. Yep and find
environs of breezy temperature.

O give me astral traveling. Just think.
No packing. Yes! No planning.
I love it! Now for my escape strategy...
when can I to slip into that crease in
the universe and quietly disappear?