Staying at the Blue House again

Fat azaleas red pink purple
azaleas shaking in morning sun
as children call children to play.

Oozing from thick bushes delicately
perfumed azaleas fat azaleas
bees spinning spinning spinning.

Children singing out names while
chameleons crawl in shining grass
lustrous azaleas bright satin.

Azaleas fat azaleas starlings slip
from branch to branch gliding to
bushes stretching red pink purple.

Mysterious purple white wisteria
vines of flowery grapes gemmate
on branches wrapping tree trunks
wisteria enormous moonblooms delirious

Wild mild wisteria wondrous
aromas falling idly from ferns
winding wandering through winds.

Wisteria purple white mysterious
lisping whispering softly luminous
as raindrops sparkle upon blossoms
enormous wisteria starlights delirious.

Wildflowers bobbing
in open fields. Two fabulous
daffodils sprout from
your eyes. Falling dizzy in
love as o so lackadaisical
breeze tugs at shirt sleeves.
Again we are flushed in
warm love caress. Solar
energy orbiting billions of
grass blades. Hum hum
hummingbirds hurry hurry
pass us tripping giddy
in love.