West Fourth Street

Fifty seconds of meditation.
Do these electric clocks work?
Five after this.
Ten after that.
Stare at blankness
ease your mind.
(A Buddhist trick I picked up
in the Holland Tunnel).
"Free Political Prisoners from
Concentration Camps in U.S.A.
Nixon is a Nazi
Lindsay is a queer."
Tuesday. Thorough be.
Who will I meet?
Am I neat?
Use my hands as a comb.
Clean my hands with my teeth.
Brush my teeth with my nails.
May I sleep in a garbage pail?
O, random papers
frantic notes
"I love you's"
figure work
bits of art
Musketeer wrappers.
My pen is insane.
It leaks through my veins.
I will trace my life and trial
in fine lines upon these shining tiles.