In Wild Hunger

Thirsty for blackness searching tunnels

tasting empty wells. How many times?


Ten times ten times ten. Ten thieves

have stolen our souls.


Lost in ignorance with plastic eyes

cosmetic sneers, they find illusion

in their own reflections.


Seven times seven times seven.

The shards of their mirrors are crushed.

Slivers of glass will be their food.


Many are lost to poverty stranded in

pools of despair. They crouch in

corners, eating the air of distrust.


Three times three times three

faith hope charity.

Which is the greatest of these?

Do you know true charity?


Tracing old constellations to find

nourishment. Though I have heard

the great silence, stood in golden warmth

filled with pure light...I am not yet free.


One times ones times one.

In wild hunger and thirst, starved by sorrow,

dressed in tears...searching for comfort.