Movement of Pink Flowers

We are swimming, bodies
arched.  Each an active V.
The body does not hesitate.
Seeking only richness of flesh,
saturation.  Yet tightness
in limb, vigor to react.

It is mild July.
Birds recite litanies
in wood.  Trees
greener every rainfall,
their leaves growing longer.
Pink flowers strewn
over sidewalks.

The body is swimming.
We constantly drift through
dates, locations, through faces.
A mind float as we swim
along side one another greeting
new waves when they occur.

It is mild July night now
covering swiftly swiftly.
Air perfumed crepe myrtle.
We are suspended this moment
between light and dark.
Clouds rushing over heavens.
Sun drops from sky.
Pink flowers are blowing
across boulevards.