Charlie Horse

Gambling everything:  bank book
insurance policy  frame house.
He bought into the business.
Now he was superior could push
us around. Brag about being
management.  Wasn't I lucky
to have such a nice boss?
There's no wishing him away.
Charlie was something definite
like that charlie horse tearing
you out of sleep at 4 a.m.
He told some personal stories
making me feel all covered with slime.
How he'd never finished high school,
been a drunk, got divorced, beaten
up dogs, kicked his kids out.
Impressive.  He affected everyone.
Some to tears.  Others to screaming.
Certain bosses sort of stared
at him puzzled, smiling slightly.
Day after day, he hammered in ideas.
The old ways were best.  He never
made mistakes.  Nobody works anymore.
It had something to do with
America and obedience.
Malignant sweat grew through his
heart and became putrefied.  Charlie
dropped dead one day from a heart
attack and somebody buried that horse.