Did you see that woman falling
from the escalator at Grand Central
Terminal?  Lying in dark circles of
blood?  Begging the police not to
tell anyone?  She would be alright
when she got up.
What about her?
Did you see that woman screaming
in front of the newsstand? Hear
those screams of hatred spewing
from her face?  Notice her eyes....
burning slits of light?  Maybe
she can't be tranquilized anymore?
What about her?
Did you see that woman walking
across the street?  Wearing those
special shoes?  All the toes
on her right foot cut off?  Isn't
it awful?  Watch her getting on
the bus, all that pain on her face.
How much longer can she keep going?
What about her?
Did you see that woman?  Ashen
and still as a corpse.  Lying
by the side of the Palisades
Highway?  Her hair so grey,
her legs so straight. Lying
in the short grass.  She was
always running off schedule
Always trying to be on time.
What about her?